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Quality LED Strip Lights & LED Neon Flex

by Glow LEDs 04 May 2022

Glow LEDs has developed a light-storing luminous material, an efficient and pollution-free light-storing luminescent material, the main component is rare earth. Firstly absorb all kinds of light, convert it into light energy storage, and then automatically emit light in the dark, realize the light-emitting function by absorbing all kinds of visible light, and can be used in unlimited times.

We have repeatedly tested the proportions of various components in the material and found the ideal composition of the best luminous body. This kind of light-storing luminescent material can be used in tunnels. For example, various display boards in subway stations have good effects after using this pollution-free light-storing material.

It could be used for public places, tunnels, stadiums, cinemas, theaters, colleges, schools, and so on.

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